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Fields of Learning is holding its tenth essay competition following the 2016 high school football season.  We will accept entries from now through March 31, 2017.  

Essays should tell us something you learned related to high school football.  This is not limited to experiences of actually being on the high school football team.  For example, maybe you learned something as a cheerleader, a band member, or as a fan who attended games.  Maybe you learned something from the experience of a friend or relative.  Or maybe high school football had an impact on your school or your community that ultimately had an effect on you.  Really, anything you think of that has any connection at all to high school football is fine to submit. 


The essays will all be read in their entirety by the active Fields of Learning team.  We will each pick our favorites and discuss what we liked about them with the others.  We will continue the discussions until we have agreed upon and selected the appropriate winner or winners. 

We will evaluate the essays giving equal weight to the following five criteria:

1.      Sincerity – We want to hear about an experience through which you truly learned something, that you feel has made a difference in you

2.      Creativity – Let this be an exercise in creative writing.  Though you are writing about a true experience, feel free to organize it any way you want and to use humor if appropriate based on the content of your essay

3.     Clarity of Expression – Write your essay so that it is easy to follow and understand.  Carefully consider your choices of phrases and words.  

4.      Originality – We are looking for essays that are unique, and are about something you experienced as only you could, told about as only you could tell about it

5.      Degree of Significance of What Was Learned – We will give priority to important and significant lessons over very trivial lessons.  We will also look favorably on humorous lessons, however, since we consider humor and laughter to be highly significant in life.

Encouragement to Participate – After you read the above, you may think “My story would never win, so why should I even bother submitting it?”.  Well, first of all, we think it will be enjoyable  and beneficial for you to write your essay.  Go ahead and start.  If it isn’t working you can always stop and pick it up again later.  And, the four of us are really anxious for the essays to start coming in so we can read them!  That will be one of the best parts of the Fields of Learning experience.  The four of us are very different and chances are what you submit will appeal to at least a couple of us.  Whether you think you are likely to  win a scholarship or not, we strongly encourage you to write an essay and send it to us.


Though Fields of Learning reserves the right to approve or not approve any particular institution, in general these scholarships may be used for post high school education in academics, trade schools, art schools, etc.  Winners must, when you enroll, provide us with proof of enrollment at a school or institution that employs a full time faculty.  Once we have received proof of enrollment, we will send the funds to you.  We must receive proof of enrollment in a qualifying institution within 1 year of graduation from high school.  If it is not received by then, the scholarship money will be returned to our scholarship fund and awarded to a student in the next year the competition is held.

Since this is open to students in grades 9-12, it is possible that there will be a good deal of time between being named a winner and actually receiving the money.  Fields of Learning will keep the money until you graduate and send it to you when you have enrolled in your further education or training.


You may send in anything you like, but in order for it to have a chance at winning, please observe the following:
~Include your name and high school at the top of the essay, itself.
~The length of the essay is to be 700 - 1500 words.
~It is to be a true story told in your own words. You should write it yourself, but it is OK to receive suggestions from other people.
~It is not to contain any profane or vulgar language.  If some occurred, and you feel it is mportant to quote it, please use the likes of "s___" or "h___". We will figure it out.
~It is not to contain any reference to anything illegal, including the use of alcohol or drugs.
~It is not to contain reference to any sexually explicit activity, so don't bother submitting "The Night I Slept with the Quarterback."
~It is not to contain any language that defames or casts a bad light on anyone else.  For example, instead of saying that the assisatant           coach was a jerk, it is actually more powerful to say that he was nobody's favorite assistant coach.
~We will only accept one essay from a student in any one school year.  You should feel free to submit an essay each year during your high 
school career that we hold the competition.
~All essays become the sole property of Fields of Learning and will not be acknowledged or returned.


Option #1 (Preferred):  Email your essay as a Word attachment to admin@fieldsoflearning.org with your last name and the title of your essay in the subject line.  In the body of the email, please include the following information: your full name, mailing address, phone number, high school, current grade, and year of graduation.  

Option #2:  Send your essay through US Mail to 9387 Sperry Rd. Kirtland Hills, OH 44060.  Include a brief cover letter with your full name, email address, mailing address, phone number, high school, current grade and year of graduation.