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We would love to have you create your own Personal Scholarship through Fields of Learning.  Our regular awards are open to students from any high school in Ohio that fields a football team.  There are about 725 teams competing, both in and out of the Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA). 

We are doing our best to contact High School Guidance Departments to make them aware of Fields of Learning, but it is unlikely that we will be able to contact all schools.  Any help in spreading the word is appreciated!

We are very open to donors creating special awards.  Examples of what you could do with a minimum donation of $500:

-        An award for a specific high school, possibly your alma mater, your local high school, or a high school that is special for some other reason

-        An award for a subset of high schools such as a county, a conference, or schools of a category such as all Catholic or Christian or with the nickname Tigers*

-        An award open to a subset of students such as band members, cheerleaders or kids who scream for their teams sans shirt in below freezing conditions

-        Or any other reasonable idea you might have – contact us and let us know about YOUR award!

-        All donations for awards are tax deductable under the 501©3 provision of the tax laws.  Fields of Learning is a registered non-profit organization with the State of Ohio.

We are also open to you naming your award.  It could be in your name or the name of someone you care about or wish to honor.  It could be in the name of a business or organization.  You could name it for a school, a team nickname, or practically anything else you want to.  We are about rewarding young people for writing creative essays, and creativity in setting up the awards fits right in. 

Please contact us to discuss what you might want to create.  Let’s have some fun and reward the kids for their good work!


*”Tigers” is the most common nickname among Ohio High Schools.  “Bulldogs” is second most common. We know the nicknames of every high school in Ohio and keep track them as new ones are added.