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We would be thrilled if you donated to Fields of Learning!

Fields of Learning is an Ohio non-profit corporation, 501©3, which allows you to deduct all donations from federal and state taxable income to the extent of the law.

Further, Fields of Learning will apply as much of your donation as you specify, up to 100%, to actual scholarship money given to students.   In other words, if you donate $1000, you may specify that you want all of it to be awarded as scholarship money.  If you don’t specify, we will put it into our General Fund which goes to things like paying for our web site, trophies, supplies and fees PLUS scholarships.  No member of the Fields of Learning team takes any compensation, so all donations are used for either scholarships or necessary operating expenses.  About 95% of all money handled by FOL is paid out in the form of scholarships.

You may also create a scholarship of your own, say for your alma mater, or for a particular county or conference.  Click the “Create an Award” button for more details.

To donate, please send a check to Fields of Learning, 9387 Sperry Road, Kirtland Hills, Ohio 44060, or contact us to discuss the donation and methods of payment.  You will be given a receipt for tax purposes.

At this time, donations are our only source of income, so we very much appreciate any amount you want to give.  No amount is too small!  We are grateful for any generosity in furthering our program.