The Fields of Learning Team

Lacey (Ferguson) Hejny ~ Vice-President
Lacey teaches English at Elyria High School where there is never a dull moment! Even though she has not traditionally been a football enthusiast, Fields of Learning has certainly gotten her involved in the realm of high school football, as well as given her a new appreciation for what her students and family like about the sport. "I love the idea that by participating in Fields of Learning, students will apply the literacy skills they have been accumulating over the years to express something that is meaningful to them."

Merritt Ferguson Waters ~ Treasurer
A resident of Avon Lake, Merritt is the Coordinator of Student Wellness and Supports for English Learners for Lakewood

City Schools. In 2014, she earned a Ph.D. in K-12 Educational Leadership from Kent State University. When asked about Fields of Learning, she explained, "I have enjoyed the game of football with Dad all my life, and I feel honored to be part of this scholarship effort.  Writing about memorable experience provides an important opportunity for anyone--at any age--to reflect and grow.  

Bruce Ferguson ~ President
Bruce is a corporate businessman for information technology services firm Thoughtworks ( He is also an Ohio high school football fanatic! He is aware of and follows all varsity high school football teams through the ten week regular season and playoffs. He has personally visited, often with family members, and photographed, over 725 of Ohio's High Schools and their respective football fields! "I encourage all students to submit essays so that in reading them I have an excuse to spend even more time on Ohio High School Football. I find Fields of Learning rewarding because it is the one thing that our entire family works at together. If we can make a difference for students by sharing the abundance we have been graced with, then Fields of Learning will have achieved its goals."

Catherine Ferguson ~ Director of Awards
Catherine’s attraction to high school football is for the most part through her husband Bruce.  She takes special care in designing our award plaques for our winners. “I enjoy being a part of Fields of Learning because it gives the young people a good opportunity to appreciate life and express themselves in a thoughtful way.  My favorite thing is reading the essays with Bruce and the discovering the glimpses they provide into the inner worlds of these young people as they experience the fullness of life."