You may send in anything you like, but in order for it to have a chance at winning, please observe the following:

"I encourage all students to submit essays so that in reading them I have an excuse to spend even more time on Ohio High School Football."

                                                                                     — Fields of Learning founder Bruce Ferguson

Rules for Essays

  • The length of the essay is to be 700 - 1500 words.
  • It is to be a true story told in your own words. You should write it yourself, but it is OK to receive suggestions from other people and/or artificial intelligence (AI).
  • It is not to contain any profane or vulgar language. If some occurred, and you feel it is mportant to quote it, please use the likes of "s___" or "h___". We will figure it out.
  • It is not to contain any reference to anything illegal, including the use of alcohol or drugs.
  • It is not to contain reference to any sexually explicit activity - let's keep it clean!
  • It is not to contain any language that defames or casts a bad light on anyone else. For example, instead of saying that the assistant coach was a jerk, consider writing that he was nobody's favorite assistant coach.

Rules for Submission

  • Include your name and high school at the top of the essay.
  • We will only accept one essay from a student per school year.
  • Feel free to submit an essay each year during your high school career.
  • All essays become the sole property of Fields of Learning.